How To Use

STEP 1: Click on GET QUOTES! Button

Click on "GET QUOTES!" button on Sg-Renovation Top Page


STEP 2: Fill in your Renovation Details

Choose your renovation details by selecting from the drop-down box or radio button for individual fields. All the marked * are compulsory. You may also attached a file of up to 2MB or leave your enquiries and remarks in the text box provided then click "NEXT"


STEP 3: Fill in your Personal Details & Additional Information

Fill in your presonal details so that the ID companies can contact you with their replies. Once again, the fields marked * are compulsory. Under Additional Information, you may choose the most appropriate option from the radio buttons. After you have completed all fields, click "SUBMIT" button


STEP 4: Enquiry submitted. Thank You.

After submitting your enquiry, you will be lead to the "THANK YOU" page. You may view detail page of the individual ID companies by clicking on the "See Details" button. You may also create an account with SG-Renovation by clicking on the "Create your Account" link.