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Minimalism concept for interior renovation

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Living in the sprawling metropolis of Singapore could be challenging. This small independent state in Southeast Asia was able to achieve unparalleled progress due to its strict adherence to the idealism, the very concept that led to its separation from Malaysia. As far as citizens are concerned, residential options are often very stiff and limited, so there is great emphasis on renovation package. There are two things one should know when living in Singapore as far as settlement is concerned.

   1. First of all, Singapore has a very small land area. In fact it is one of the smallest independent states in Asia Pacific. Knowing this, it is only logical that for a bustling metropolis even stable middle class families tend to live in flats or condo units due to the exorbitant price of a suburban house and lot.
< br />    2. Because Singapore has very expensive properties, an owner of that property finds it necessary to ever avoid moving out of his or her residence no matter how wealthy he or she is. In fact, Singapore is no longer new to millionaires. Given that fact, middle class immigrant citizens are only too lucky to own a property, even for a condo unit.

Singapore competes with giant nations like Hong Kong, Japan, UK and America as far as modernization is concerned. The idea of modernization even makes sense to the humblest working class citizen in the nation. It is because of this urban system that new contemporary ideas are adopted and in the particular case of settlement, the modern art called minimalism is applied to any decent renovation package available. There are several things that minimalism design can do to maximize better living conditions in a relatively overcrowded area.

   1. Minimalism makes use of sleek, rigid geometrical shapes. From furniture to appliances, rigid geometric forms are compact and making it appear like it occupies very little space. The idea of spaciousness makes renovation package really viable, especially for a relatively jam-packed place like Singapore. With bigger space, the environmental value inside the home is a little higher because it feels cozier. Furthermore, minimalist furniture looks neat and tidy, augmenting the aura of pleasantness.

   2. Minimalism architecture uses highly durable materials that are also equally wonderful. The key to capturing the essence of minimalist art is to perfectly combine the dissimilar concepts of modesty and majesty. The best minimalist style renovation package avoids unnecessary restraining decorations. In order to avoid putting up flamboyant ornaments and gaudy embellishments that will take up too much space in the room, the interior architect makes use of lavish materials like marble stone, polished clay brick or obsidian as wall components. Polished maple wood floor makes the room appear even more majestic.

   3. Minimalism has a way of using simple but compact color patterns in painting home interiors. There are many modernist homes nowadays that make use of design patterned after the Dutch Piet Mondrian. If not, their wall decorations resemble minimalist Zen Japanese architecture which emphasizes symmetrical segmenting of plain white walls. The best renovation package dealing with interior design often includes the use of simple colors and geometrical patterns. Embellished spectrum has no place in minimalist home paint job.