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In the regulated environment of Singapore, knowledge of processes related renovation of dwellings and properties is a priority. The BCA, MEWR, the National Park Board, the URA and LTA are just some of the authorities that establish regulations for the process of renovations in Singapore. A time bound Written Permission (WP) or a lesser tenured Provisional Permission (PP) are starting points for any renovation activity. If you are a not a Singapore National, it is likely you live in a strata-titled property the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) is nodal in granting renovation permits. A HDB licensed BCA registered renovation contractor is the key to renovation activities. When the necessary permits are granted it is important that the renovation is completed in the specified time frame.

Professional intervention of licensed a renovation contractor who understands the processes involved becomes useful in renovation projects. While the kampong spirit is useful in building connections and the community does pitch in with advice, the actual execution of renovations is best left to the renovation contractor. Community forums, portals and self help groups combine in providing guidance on the workings of renovations in Singapore. DIY in renovations may be an option but adhering to regulations may not be in its ambit.

In a country driven by standards of excellence a recognized Singapore based renovation contractor is affiliated to organizations like the Case Trust. Organizations such as these certify membership based on quality of workmanship and governance. Standards of Conduct and Practice are codified by RADAC. Adhering to such professional practices and the competitive business environment brings out the best in a renovation contractor. Few other countries offer such a niche services. It is an indicator of the exacting standards set by the regulatory and business community. It is an indication of demand and ability to successful delivery of services that hundreds of renovation contractors thrive in Singapore.

The costs if renovation is obviously purpose driven. The variables in costing can be new or existing flat or house, partial renovations in specific part of the dwelling or smaller jobs like painting, carpentry, and retiling. In Singapore there is a renovation contractor, who specializes in each of these aspects and can deliver the service in the required price band. Bundling offers on fittings and appliances is often a bonus thrown in.

In a country with limited land resources, new constructions are prohibitive. Living in much used spaces and the inherent wear and tear, makes renovations perhaps the only solution for fatigue that sets in after protracted occupation of a living space. The other advantage comes from renovation is some of the renovation costs can be tax deductible when it carried out by businesses. There is an inevitable upper limit for such deductions.

Like all innovative business enterprises a renovation contractor brings in new ways to promote and establish practice. New ideas, talent, designs, material and innovations are the norm. The long term sustainability of the enterprise is based on its ability to attract and hold customer attention in a competitive background. The multi-cultural community in Singapore is just the inspiration renovation contractors in Singapore need to make a professional mark.